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PumPum SoapBar

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The design of this soap was focused on your intimate parts, particularly your pumpum. You may detox, naturally balance your PH, clean your vulva, and tighten your vaginal muscles with the use of this amazing all natural antimicrobial soap. The undesirable and unwelcome bacteria that can cause BV, yeast infections, and urinary infections as well as itchiness and irritation may also be eliminated and prevented with the aid of our pompom soap. In addition to naturally brightening your skin, this amazing all-natural antibacterial soap may also lessen unpleasant, drawn-out, or heavy menstrual cycles.


Ingredients: mooring oil, eucalyptus leaves, rosemary extract, turmeric, neem oil, lavender, oregano, honey, sweet almond oil, lemon, olive oil, lemongrass, glycerin, shea butter, beetroot, mango butter, activated charcoal, sunflower oil, vitamin E and natural mica powders.