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SknTingz: Your Holistic Haven for wellness and beauty - nurturing radiance inside and out!

Feel the innate positivity of SknTingz infuse your self-care odyssey, allowing your skin and hair to radiate the harmony of holistic well-being. 🌿✨🌻🌟 SknTingz isn't just a beauty destination; it's a sanctuary for holistic well-being that celebrates your inner and outer glow. Our essence revolves around the belief that genuine beauty originates from within. We're not confined to superficial aspects – our mission encompasses your complete wellness.

Embracing the philosophy of holistic living, SknTingz inspires a wholesome existence where every facet contributes to your vitality. Our purpose is to guide you on a journey fueled by hydration, invigorating movement, mental tranquility, and lasting contentment. As a united community driven by a love for skincare and haircare, we're on a mission to amplify positivity and guide you towards delight in the pursuit of healthy hair and vibrant skin. Together, we revel in life's precious moments – from rejuvenating skincare rituals to transformative haircare ceremonies.


Krystal, the visionary force behind SknTingz.

With an unwavering passion for natural beauty and holistic wellness, Krystal embarked on a journey to redefine self-care. Drawing inspiration from the magic of skincare and haircare rituals, she founded SknTingz to create a haven where positive vibes and happy living converge.

Krystal's commitment to quality, excellence, and the power of nature shines through in every product. Her background in blending natural ingredients harmoniously stems from a deep understanding of what your skin and hair truly deserve. With an innate understanding of the transformative effects of botanicals, Krystal infuses SknTingz with her heart and soul, curating collections that nurture, revive, and enhance your skin's radiance.

Driven by her belief in the holistic beauty experience, Krystal's leadership propels SknTingz to new heights, enriching lives with the magic of self-care. Her journey is a testament to the positive impact of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of happy, beautiful living. 🌿✨🌟

Made with Love

All of SKNTingz products are organic and made with love + care.

Cruelty Free

All products offered by SKNTINGZ are made without any involvement in animal cruelty.

1,000 Reviews

We have over 1,000 reviews from real people.